Pentecostal Temple was started in 1965 on Murchison Road in Fayetteville, North Carolina, by the late Bishop Joseph Howard Sherman, Sr. an evangelist from New Jersey and a bishop in the North Carolina Second Ecclesiastial Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ. Then called Murchison Road Pentecostal Holiness Church, the church moved six years later to a little brick building on the corner of Williams and Blount Streets.

In 1974, Elder John Charles Reid came to Fayetteville, North Carolina to pastor Pentecostal Temple. At that time the rent was too expensive for a small membership, so the church moved about a hundred yards up to 455 Williams Street, into a cinder block building, which had been condemned by the city of Fayetteville. It had been used for other things, such as a laundry facility, the last of which was a pool room.

Immediately, the pastor began to build upon the foundation laid by Bishop Sherman. First, spiritual-preaching to the lost and desperate in Fayetteville-and naturally-using his carpentry skills to turn the church from a small edifice to a building worthy of the name Pentecostal Temple.

During his days of building, many people scoffed and ridiculed him. They told him he wouldn't make it in Fayetteville, but he didn't hear them, rather he persevered with the work that God had called him to perform. After the home going of Bishop Sherman in 1996, Bishop Cornelius E. Anderson, Sr. was appointed Bishop of North Carolina Second Jurisdiction. Dr. Reid continued to serve faithfully under Bishop Anderson as Superintendent of the Southeastern District and First Administrative Assistant to the Bishop.

The Church Of God In Christ is the largest and the fastest growing Black Pentecostal religious body in the world. Pentecostal Temple, now Pentecostal Temple Ministries, is an outstanding representative of the Church Of God In Christ in this region. Pentecostal Temple is the place where everybody is somebody and Jesus is all.

On July 8, 2011 after more than three decades (37 years) of Pastoral Service, Supt. Reid went home to be with the Lord. Before his death, he passed the torch of Pastoral leadership to Superintendent Larry Bellamy. Bishop Cornelius E. Anderson, Sr. appointed Pastor Bellamy as the shepherd of now, Pentecostal Temple Ministries, in August 2011.


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Superintendent Larry Bellamy / Evangelist Shiral Bellamy